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Sunday, 3 March 2019 00:00
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The Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University participated in thematic KKN of "Cianjur Makmur"

Following up on the LLDIKTI Regional III circulars regarding invitation to participate on thematic KKN (Work Lecture) of "Cianjur Makmur", the Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University sent Health Team that consists of 6 young doctors to participate on the activity.
The Health Team consists of:

  1. Aulia Wiratama Putra            NIM 03012041
  2. Vicky Zein Daniel F               NIM 03011298
  3. Danny Hermawan                  NIM 03012063
  4. Agus Haerani                         NIM 03012007
  5. Monica windy                         NIM 03010183 
  6. Aninda D Widiantari               NIM 03012024

Under the direction of dr. Bayu (dikti), Health Team of FK Usakti was given authority in the management of medical team which amounted to 48 medical workers, including 6 young doctors and the remains were midwives, nurses, pharmacists, public health, and nutritionists.

Team activities were as follows:

  • Tuesday February 26th, 2019

 in Desa Wangunjaya Kec Cugenang Cianjur:

  • Mapping the problem identification in health sector,
  • Compile plans for mass treatment activities,
  • Health counseling and increasing public awareness of the importance of health in 4 villages (Village 1, Village 2, Village 3 and Village 4).

The Team was divided into three (3) fields: 1. KIA (Identification), 2. Education of PTM, PHBS, 3. Examination and mass treatment in 4 villages.

  • Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Health Team (6 doctors were divided into 3 teams and spread to 4 villages), conducted mass treatment and counseling in Village 1 - RW 2 and Village 2 - RW 2. The treatment reaches 100 patients a day; counseling of KIA reaches 30 to 40 pregnant women and children under five with vitamin distribution

  • Thursday, February 28th, 2019

The Team conducted mass treatment in Village 2 - RW 3 and Village 2 - RW 4 (these two places are in the top of the hill, near the multipurpose village forest); car access can only reach a certain place and the team must walk about 2 kilometer to reach the destination.

The number of patients treated was 100 patients per village. To return the team must walk and picked up by box-car to get to the inn.


(Source : IG@usakti_official)