Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

To make the Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University as one of the leading Faculty in Asia Pacificic through a comprehensive and quality medical education.

  1. Conducting a comprehensive and efficient medical education to meet the needs of Indonesian society, governments and the private sector by producing health personnel who are qualified, professional, independent, and be able to do research.
  2. Implementing the community service to improve the health status of society
  3. Implementing beneficial dedication for the development of science
  4. Develop a sustainable medical education
  1. Conducting education of the medical profession in a health care system wich is in line with the government’s policy based on Pancasila, including:
  • Identifying, formulating and prioritizing problems in public health, current and in the future, as well as to try and work to resolve these problems through planning, implementation and evaluation of programs that are promotive, preventive, curative, and rehabilitative;
  • Solving patient's health problems by using the knowledge, clinical skills and laboratories as well as good observation and recording to identify, diagnose, perform medical action, undertake prevention efforts, consultation, work on the effort of problem rehabilitation;
  • Patient’s Healts with the basis of medical ethics and law, as well as considering the aspects of physical, spiritual and social culture;
  • Utilizing sources and other efforts with the best possible way to improve the Public Health;
  • Working as elements of leadership in a healthcare team;
  • Realizing that good health care system is a factor;
  • Educating and engaging the society to improve their health.
  1. Constantly self-improving and self-developing on medical science according to the talent, based on the life-long education.
  2. Periodicaly asses the professional activities,  and realize the need to improve their education also selecting the related educational resources, and critically assessing the progress that has been achieved.
  3. Developing health science, especially medical science by participating in education and research, as well as finding solution to the health problems, public, and health care system, particularly services and medical care.
  4. Maintaining and developing personality and attitudes required for sustainability of the profession, such as; integrity, responsibility, trustworthy, and pay attention and respect to human being, in line with medical ethics.
  5. Act as a member of community who is creative, productive, and open minded, accepting the changes and future-oriented as well as educating and encouraging people towards the same attitude.
  1. Produces graduates who can compete with graduates from other universities, both at home and abroad, and develops international Study Program in accordance with the needs of society, industry and government.
  2. Executes and improves the productive partnerships, including languages, sports, arts and cultures with other universities, society, industries, and other relevant bodies inside and outside the country through the utilization of information and communication networks in the development and implementation of programs and services to the society.
  3. Increases the number of lecturers involved in the activities carried out by the Affiliate through increased demand for the activities from other agencies.
  4. The availability of high quality, well-maintained and reliable facilities and infrastructure to support the implementation of cooperation.
  5. Increases alumni relationship with their alma mater, parent communication with institutions, alumni concern in the development of academic quality and campus life and also the availability of position data, achievement and competitiveness of alumni in the society
  6. The increase of facilities and infrastructure for the development of student activities and easiness of communication on a reciprocal basis between alumni and alma mater.
  7. The increase of partnership communication with stakeholders through the culture and through the work ethics that are productive, open, collegial, effective and efficient.
  8. Readiness of human resources who can lead and manage the University responsibly and professional, loyally and critically to the alma mater with the principle of transparency, democratic leadership and care about the performance of the institution through training and development opportunities for campus residents.
  9. The increase of service quality for optimal and equitable academic and non-academic by implementing the integrated quality management, and take advantage of the quality of human resources and management capabilities including implementation of human resource management that are  productive, proportionate, effective, and efficient.
  10. The increase of satisfaction of lecturer and non-lecturer through the provision of compensation, competency development opportunities and self-actualization which is in line with the linked performance achievement appraisal results with rewards and sanctions (bonus, trainees, promotions, reprimand, and demotion) to enhance work motivation, culture, work ethic, openness and collegiality.
  11. The increase in total revenue, the timeliness of the acquisition of the main funding sources for varieties sources of fund and the increase of the Sustainable Reserved Fund through efficiency, cost effectiveness, collaboration and utilization of optimal Human Resources, facilities and infrastructure
  12.  The availability of university facilities and infrastructures including high quality management information and the increase of the quality of function, effectiveness, efficiency, and optimization of the empowerment, organization, and maintenance that support all university activities
Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Trisakti

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Seminar Nasional Call for Papers Kota Layak Huni dengan tema "Urbanisasi dan Pengembangan Perkotaan" Tanggal:...
Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018 04:04
Seminar Nasional Call for Papers Kota Layak Huni dengan tema "Urbanisasi dan Pengembangan Perkotaan" Tanggal: Kami…
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Wawancara Ekslusif RTV @langitRTV "terkait kecelakaan konstruksi" bersama Ir. Jimmy Siswanto, MSAE (Dosen FTSP Univ…
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Berita Forum Komunikasi Karyawan Universitas Trisakti :
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 13:01
Latihan Praktek English Speaking para karyawan Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Trisakti #febusakti #usakti
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 03:03
Selamat Pagi Sivitas Akademika Universitas Trisakti.
Monday, 19 Feb 2018 02:02
Berita FTI USAKTI: Perkuliahan semester Genap 2017/2018 insya Allah akan dimulai hari Senin 19 Februari 2018.…
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Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Trisakti akan mengadakan kegiatan Trisakti Management Challenge (TMC) pada…
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Seminar Nasional Kota Layak Huni dengan tema "Urbanisasi dan Pengembangan Perkotaan"

Tanggal: Kamis, 22 Februari 2018

Lokasi: Gd. C FTSP Kampus A Universitas Trisakti

#arsitekturtrisakti #ftspusakti #usakti #trisakti #universitastrisakti #trisaktiuniversity
Tuesday, 20 February 2018 04:04
Selamat Pagi Sivitas Akademika Universitas Trisakti.
Monday, 19 February 2018 02:02
Mohon dukungan Bpk/Ibu Dosen membantu share ke Mahasiswa/i dari berbagai Prodi/Fakultas/Universitas di Indonesia 🙏🙏😇

Prodi Manajemen FEB Universitas Trisakti menyelenggarakan:
KOMPETISI MANAJEMEN 📚 dan SEMINAR NASIONAL 📝 "TRISAKTI MANAGEMENT CHALLENGE 2018". ✅ Tgl 8 dan 9 Mei 2018 📍Auditorium FEB Ged S lt 8 Kampus A Universitas Trisakti Jkt.

Kompetisi di bidang Manajemen Pemasaran, Manajemen Keuangan (Pasar Modal) dan Seminar Nasional yg menghadirkan Pembicara yg pakar di bidangnya dg tema: "Disruptive Era: Peluang, Tantangan & Strategi".
Total hadiah 🎁🎁🛍 Rp. 30 Juta 👏. Info lengkap :
Sunday, 18 February 2018 09:09
from Instagram Ikatan Alumni Universitas Trisakti (IKAUSAKTI) : Alhamdulillah, kondisi Bunda Hira Tetty (orangtua almarhum Elang Mulia Lesmana; Pahlawan Reformasi) berangsur kesadarannya, namun belum bisa terlalu banyak berinteraksi, perlu banyak istirahat.

Kami sayang sama bunda Tetty. Ya Allah berilah kesembuhan pada beliau, angkatlah segala penyakitnya, pulih kembali seperti sediakala. Aamiin.
Sunday, 18 February 2018 06:06
Universitas Trisakti mengucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru Imlek 2569

#imlek #usakti #trisakti #universitastrisakti #trisaktiuniversity
Friday, 16 February 2018 01:01
Rektor Universitas Trisakti Prof. dr. Ali Ghufron Mukti, M.Sc., Ph.D dan Wakil Rektor Prof. Ir. Asri Nugrahanti, M.S., Ph.D., IPU menghadiri Forum Rektor Indonesia 2018 yg dibuka oleh Presiden Joko Widodo di Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar (15/2)

Kementerian Riset, Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi
Thursday, 15 February 2018 15:03
Kunjungan tim afiliasi FTI Usakti ke lokasi industri manufaktur PT ADR Group Bitung - Tangerang, Senin 12 Februari 2018. Sebagai tindak lanjut MOU yang telah ditandatangani 5 Februari 2018.

📷✍ #ahmadzuhdi
Thursday, 15 February 2018 06:06
Pelatihan Computer Aided for Engineering dari Trisakti Engineering Center - FTI Usakti.
Thursday, 15 February 2018 06:06
Rektor Universitas Trisakti Prof. dr. Ali Ghufron Mukti, M.Sc., Ph.D dalam acara Pengambilan Sumpah/Janji Dokter Gigi Baru Semester Gasal TA 2017/2018 Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi Universitas Trisakti. Rabu, 14 Feb 2018 bertempat di Dian Ballroom @hotelciputrajkt

Kementerian Riset, Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi Kementerian Kesehatan RI
Thursday, 15 February 2018 04:04
Musyawarah Tingkat Universitas Forum Karyawan Universitas Trisakti Tahun 2018. "Maju bersama menuju kejayaan Usakti". Rabu, 14 Februari 2018 Gd. Hery Hartanto Lt. 8 Kampus A Usakti.

#forumkaryawanuniversitastrisakti #fkkusakti
#usakti #trisakti #universitastrisakti #trisaktiuniversity
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 01:01
Diskusi Panel Menggagas Kebijakan Untuk Mereduksi Kecelakaan Konstruksi di Provinsi DKI Jakarta Pemprov DKI Jakarta

14 Februari 2018, Gd C Lt 9 Kampus A Universitas Trisakti.

▪Pembukaan dan Arahan oleh Gubernur DKI Jakarta, Bpk Anies Baswedan
▪Panelis: Kepala Dinas Tenaga Kerja, Kepala Dinas Cipta Karya, Direktur BPJS, Praktisi di Bidang K3 (Asosiasi A2K4)
▪Moderator: Dr. Ir. Trihono Kadri, MS (LPJK DKI)
▪Penutupan oleh: Dr. Ir. Jane Sekarsari, MM (Ka. Prodi MTS)

Kerjasama Lembaga Pengembangan Jasa Konstruksi Provinsi DKI Jakarta (LPJK DKI) dan Program Studi Magister Teknik Sipil Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan (FTSP) Universitas Trisakti.
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 00:12
Tahukah Anda prestasi apa yg diraih mahasiswa Tambang Usakti ini?

Ini jawabannya: Alhamdulillah... Tim Mahasiswa Tambang "TNT" berhasil meraih 3 (tiga) Juara dalam Indonesian Student Mining Competition 2018 di Institut Teknologi Bandung pada awal Februari 2018, yaitu: .
▪JUARA 1 kategori Tie in Peledakan
▪JUARA 3 kategori blasting vibration analysis
▪JUARA 3 underground mine supporting

Plakat Juara diserahkan Tim Mahasiswa Tambang TNT kpd Ketua Prodi Teknik Pertambangan Dr Pantjanita Novi Hartami, ST, MT dan Asisten Wadek III Reza Aryanto, ST, MT.

#tambang #teknikpertambangan #tambangusakti #fakultasteknologikebumiandanenergi #ftkeusakti #usakti #trisakti #universitastrisakti #trisaktiuniversity
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 16:04
Rapat Kerja Program Studi Sarjana Teknik Sipil Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan Universitas Trisakti - FTSP Usakti (12-13 Feb 2018). Bertempat di Ruang Rapat Jurusan Teknik Sipil Gd C Lt 5 Kampus A.

#tekniksipil #sipilusakti #fakultastekniksipildanperencanaan #ftspusakti #usakti #trisakti #universitastrisakti #trisaktiuniversity
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 09:09
Pelatihan mengisi SISTER untuk Dosen Tetap di ruang laboratorium Komputer FSRD Usakti Gd P lantai 4.
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 03:03
Pendaftaran Peserta Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) pada Kuliah Usaha Mandiri - Ilmu Teknologi Terapan (KUM-ITT) Mahasiswa Universitas Trisakti.

Lembaga Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Universitas Trisakti akan menyelenggarakan KUM-ITT 2018 di Kabupaten Pandeglang, Provinsi Banten. Pendaftaran s.d. 9 Maret di LPKM Usakti, Gd M Lt. XI Kampus A.

#pengabdianmasyarakat #lemdimas #lpkmusakti #usakti #trisakti #trisaktiuniversity #universitastrisakti
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 02:02


Prof.Dr. Adi Priyana dr,Sp.PK Faculty of Medicine

Nama Lengkap : Prof. Dr. Adi Priyana, dr, Sp.PK NIP / NIK : 131 406 859 / 1029 Pangkat /…

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